FITBEAUTY AUSTRALIA'S compositions are produced by a team of Australian and Californian Dermatologists (U.S.A), skin specialists, skincare lab technicians, competitive athletes and business owners that are right now - working inside of the fitness, cosmetic and injectables industry.

Collectively, we work alongside IFBB Pro's, competitive bodybuilders, nutritionists, famous athletes, personal trainers, and fitness models to find the real skin issues that the best are actively concerned about.

These women, of whom are at the top of their game in the fitness world; transparently submitted their biggest insecurities about their skin to us, to our team. A very honest, very brave group of women that came together over many many months in a series of meetings and intimate roundtable discussions to discover that we all found common ground with each other when it came to our issues surrounding our skin and what the hell we can do about it!



Formulated with an intense fusion of bioactive peptides and productive anti-wrinkle ingredients to help protect your skin while you exercise.
Designed to help support:
-protection from wrinkle damage during your workout
-neutralising facial muscle contractions
-soothing and relaxing fine lines around the face.


The composition has a second function:
Designed to fuel your skin with a unique blend of some of the most effective anti-aging ingredients that bio-science has to offer.
These elements are designed to work together in the skin to help support:
-deep hydration for a healthy youthful appearance -suppression of a new wrinkle formations
-combating a free radical damage
-plumbing to fill expression lines -collagen synthesis to repair and restore damaged skin
-energising the layers of the skin for a bright luminous looking complexion

We discussed real topics with athletes like

"I get runners face when my calories are too low and the more I train the worse it gets... how do I manage this? I hate my skin during these periods but I don't want to change my training goals but still want my face to look good."

"I swear the harder I train, the older I look."

"How do I stop Gym face?" 

"The makeup I wear to the gym ruins my pores." 

"I swear training makes me look older. My pre-comp weeks especially. I get botox but it just doesn't work as well as it used to."

"I spend a lot my skincare but I feel like it doesn't work as well as it used to."-

In the mix at these meetings were our dermatologists and skin specialists.  Some of the most knowledgable, most caring professionals in the industry who worked to create products around these problems with arguably one of the best skincare laboratories Australia. 

These products were created by a community on every level

The individual with the issue, their journey with it.

The specialists with the answers

And the laboratory with the power to put it together

and right there - you have the back-bone of Fitbeauty Australia.

The data collated from this process and our unique team have forged a series very specific, very effective series of limited products that provide powerful anti-ageing benefits and extremely well-thought-out, carefully formulated compositions solely designed to provide us with what we all want from our skin. Especially what we want to stop, and what we want want to feel.

The harsh reality is, we need to spend extra time caring for this face of ours being lovers of fitness and health.

We're not mucking around with this either... We have sourced some of the most powerful ingredients that bio-science has to offer the skin when formulating these compositions. We boast, you'll see results in days, not weeks. Our scope groups confirm this. See our instagram for testimonials.

A good example? Our PRE-WORKOUT composition took almost two years to perfect.

Our compositions cover acne killing, wrinkle stopping, cellular rejuvenation and powerful anti-ageing abilities; Fitbeauty Australia was conceived purely to target the issues with the skin in fitness. We found no one was doing it properly. No one actually cared enough to do something different or to really help their customers and the journeys with their skin. There are just too many general products out there that don't really target the stuff we want or want to feel from our skin

"For good ideas and true innovation, you need real human interaction, conflict, argument, debate."

Margaret Heffernan

So this is us, and this is what we've built for you:

ALL of our products have two main functions forged within:

I: to fix / to heal / to stop / to prevent.
II: to provide significant anti-ageing for your skin / to glow / to see luminosity.

Expect the best from us. Expect change. This is Fitbeauty Australia.

From the Team.

Thank-you. We've got you covered :)